I look forward to my mentoring sessions!

During the time that I have been working with Generation Text Online Mentor Program I have made wonderful friends, learned a lot about myself, and gained a sense of pride and responsibility in my dealings with my peers.

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My Lunch Bunch Experience

Being a Lunch Bunch mentor has been a powerful and fulfilling opportunity for me to support a small group of boys – at a vulnerable age between childhood and adulthood – develop emotional and social skills that I expect will positively impact their personal and academic success.

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I found the Adverse Childhood Experience Study most interesting

The information from Dr. Nadine Burke on Adverse Childhood Experience Study was most interesting and valuable for that matter. Understanding the science behind the development or lack thereof, for some students helped to build tolerance and empathy as a pedagogue, which can be easily forgotten as the year progresses and frustration begins to fester with “uncooperative” students.

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I Learned So Much

As an educator, I am more aware of how my classroom should be (culture and climate) and it’s so important.

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I will say my sons have said that “we are very afraid yet relieved that there is someone else out there just like you mom,” once again THANK YOU for validating my parent skills when you did not even know you were doing that. What you are doing is going to make this world a better place!!!!!


I have to say – it has been pretty cool to watch how implementing these community building actives has affected and effected my students and our overall sense of classroom community.

This week, we are trying Chapter 3, while still doing high-lows on Mondays and Fridays (high/lows about the weekend on Mondays and high/lows about our week at school on Friday afternoons). Consistent and patient active listening is still a work in progress but a bit better with each time we do an activity. I’m proud of them 🙂