Professional Learning

Providing school leadership and teaching staff with tools to support SEI

Mission: Provide school leadership and teaching staff with effective professional learning.

The goal is to provide a system of instructional supports, routines, practices, learning activities, and discussion topics in the various areas associated with Organizational Behavior and Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI).

    Why is our professional learning effective?

    Because we value educators’ time, our professional learning is delivered in 60-minute virtual sessions, once a month.  During the 60-minute session, concepts and instructional practices are presented. These are then followed by breakout sessions with a Generation Text facilitator and ends with reflection and interaction within the group.

    Our framework recommends breakout groups connect at the 2-week mark to communicate and collaborate about their personal experiences infusing the framework in their professional roles.

    Each professional learning session begins with participants sharing their successes and struggles that pertain to each training. This interaction with staff allows opportunities for colleagues to collaborate and the Generation Text facilitator to give suggestions on how to tweak the framework for their specific learning environment.

    Professional Learning is designed to empower attendees to role model and train their staff, thus, providing an ongoing SEL/SEI system for new teachers and mentors.

    SEI is the foundation for many of the common issues facing school staff, students and parents!

    • Building Relationships
    • Equipping staff and students with SEL/SEI
    • Providing collaborative mental health and wellness activities
    • Infusing engaging strategies