Support for Students with IEPs and 504 plans


Generation Text Online provides special education supervisors with tools and strategies to support your staff and students in HOW to be academically successful.

Our organization supports students in special ed including children with IEP and 504 plans, with a social and emotional program specifically designed in a 21st Century context.  Many children in SPED are just as intelligent as their peers in general ed but they have different learning styles.  Our program guides staff in supporting these students by giving them strategies to:

  • Provide lesson plans that are designed to increase students’ engagement and commitment to school
  • Provide strategies to create opportunities for SPED students to make positive contributions, receive recognition, gain a sense of purpose and develop pride in being a part of the school they attend.
  • Provide strategies to guide students in a method of thinking that allows them to solve problems, be successful in school and communicate with teachers and classmates effectively
  • Social and Emotional Learning Routines and Exercises in a 21st Century Context

****District/School/Classroom Level Program

The program also provides interactive and engaging professional development for teachers, paraprofessionals and aides and has a parent component as well.  It is our goal to provide a common language and strategies to support students to be successful and well adjusted.

This program provides school districts and parents with access to an online resource with a full range of my teacher supported lessons and discussion topics for parents and their children.