Cultural Responsiveness in the Workplace


Generation Text Online provides interactive and engaging leadership development to guide executives and managers in a step by step method of how to create and maintain a positive, supportive, inclusive and inspiring climate and culture within their organization and in each business unit.

The goal of this training is to provide a transformational model in which to guide company leaders in how to build a culturally responsive climate in the workplace.  Participants will walk away from the training with strategies, techniques and routines to use with their teams in order to ensure that their staff is inclusive, tolerant and respectful of people from all cultures.   Activities and videos will be used to illustrate each concept and provide participants with tools to take back to their own business units for implementation.  This leadership training is designed to be implemented over a 3 year period which includes on-site training every six months and monthly video conferences.  The framework encourages the development of a mentorship program within the company in order for a cost effective implementation and sustainability.

The foundation of the Generation Text Online program is based on the principals of organizational behavior with a focus on the concept that a positive and supportive culture is directly attributed to positive relationships. Generation Text Online provides a framework for company managers and leadership staff by guiding them in their role in creating and maintaining positive and supportive relationships with their coworkers and their direct reports. The components of the program include a focus on active listening, eye contact, respect, empathy, compassion and trust.  Additional components include a focus on the difference between exclusion and actively including others, as well as a common language that helps individuals categorize their actions and responses into the categories of mean, negative and hurtful vs nice, positive, and supportive.  This language helps individuals understand that what is important when leading people is not to focus so much on their intentions but if their actions resulted in others feeling supported and inspired in the workplace.  The Gen Text framework helps leaders develop a new method of thinking that involves leaders asking themselves eight essential questions to reflect on how their leadership, actions and responses affect their colleagues and direct reports. This ideology and coordinating set of routines provide professionals a foundation to understand the importance of a positive culture, as well as a road map to achieve it. At Generation Text Online we help company executives and managers learn strategies that allow them to do less managing and more leading!



Jane Doe

School Administrator, Broughton High School, Raleigh Nc