College and Career Readiness

Working with high schools and colleges to provide an interactive framework for college and career readiness

Mission: Equip students with the

  • skills
  • attitudes
  • dispositions

to  successfully navigate and thrive in the transition from high school to the post-secondary setting of their choosing as college and career ready graduates.

What are NYC College Access Coordinator, school counselors and health teachers saying about these resources?

Working with Jill and Generation Text has been eye opening! We as educators need to work together with our students in guiding them through the framework which allows us to strengthen the relationship with the 3 pillars of education: the student, the parents, and the staff.

John Mannino

College Access Coordinator, Brooklyn Studio Secondary School

I learned more in one-hour of interactive Professional Learning with Generation Text Online than I did in a whole day of Professional Learning from earlier in the week.

Scott Santonas

PE and Health teacher, MS/HS, Brooklyn Studio Secondary School

Resiliency Skills

  • Time Management
  • Being flexible/learning how to adjust and pivot
  • Mental health and wellness

Relationship Skills

  • Digital presence
  • The importance of being happy
  • The importance of finding a mentor

Communication Skills


  • Interviewing skills
  • The art of listening
  • Body language/impressions

Problem Solving Skills

  • Goal setting
  • Learning how to think your way through a problem
  • The power of reflection
  • College Loans

Self-Advocacy Skills

  • Career exploration
  • Budgeting
  • Networking