The term “21st-Century skills” is generally used to refer to certain core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving, which advocates believe schools need to help students thrive in today’s world. (1)

The brain of a child who was developing in the 21st Century is literally wired differently than those of their parents and teachers.  Using the ˜Four C’s” to engage a 21st Century student is imperative. As educators we prepare students for a new global society; teaching both core content subjects such as math, social studies, the arts, as well as social and emotional skills, which all must be enhanced by incorporating critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. (2)

The Gen Text Framework is a process by which we offer the necessary tools, to the student, in order to help them navigate through life. The curriculum is specifically designed to teach and enhance communication skills by asking specific and relevant questions and by encouraging teachers and staff to listen and evaluate the students responses. Critical questioning and highly skilled listening are two of the key components to the success of the student. Our lessons enable the students and their peers the opportunity to collaborate and reenact situations in the classroom which simulate problems in the real world. These simple, but highly effective teaching and learning strategies, help the 21st Century students internalize the Generation Text Online thinking patterns to uncover various ideas of how these students would attempt to solve real world problems.  The design of these learning activities require collaboration on ideas, potential roadblocks and multiple systems of approaching each situation.  This framework provides students with complete understanding of the lessons’ objectives in a fun, yet educational delivery.

The Gen Text methodology provides opportunities for students to become competent users of technology, to collaborate by finding solutions together in groups and in pairs, in the classroom and in the community. Our lessons use creativity to engage students and challenge them in the new venue, namely technology. The lessons focus on building knowledge and implementing strategies, which require students to use critical thinking skills, while providing them with the opportunities to reflect upon problem solving in a new way. By using the 4 Cs students will increase their intelligence, higher level thinking skills, reflective thought processes and will have a better advantage of achieving success in todays world.

At Generation Text Online, we understand that a 21st Century educational curriculum must include the 4 C’s; critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. We realize that in order for the students to learn to APPLY our principles, techniques and strategies, when they are faced with real life challenges, mean behavior from others, and when they fall victim to the improper use of technology, they must seriously understand the impact that these problems have on them now and in their futures.