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Weekly Classroom Meeting Program

$49 + SH

The goal of the circle time program is to provide students with at least one adult in their life that will listen, support and guide them. These relationships can have a huge impact on a child and their feelings of worthiness, safety and support. Many times these relationships last a lifetime.

Online Training Manual

$99 + SH

This is the guidebook that goes with the online and interactive training Gen Text uses to equip adults with a system of routines, practices, learning activities, and discussion topics to guide and support students as they face challenges, work to resolve conflicts, and celebrate success. This training manual will supply the educator with a road map to equip their students with the skills they need to build relationships, solve problems, resolve conflict and self-advocate.

Mental Health and Wellness In the 21st Century

$99 + SH

This Mental Health and Wellness Education curriculum by Generation Text Online was designed to empower participants by helping them to understand what it means to be mentally healthy and acknowledge the connections mental health has to physical health.

Participants will have an opportunity to talk about negative coping behaviors, substance abuse, self-harm, suicide, and the negative stigma and cultural attitudes towards mental illness. This curriculum will empower participants with the knowledge, reflection of current choices, planning, and creating disciplines that empower them to live healthy lifestyles.

Now available in both English and Spanish.

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Want to Buy the Two Programs?

Weekly Classroom Meeting Program AND Mental Health and Wellness Training Manual

$129 + SH