5 things for effective SEL in your school community

5 things for effective SEL in your school community

It must be flexible to include all cultures. It must have a component for each stakeholder: not just students. The language and strategies must be effective for every age (K-adult). The learning practices must be active and experiential. The instructional practices...

Made me think

I found the sessions useful…I did….it really has made me think about how I am interacting with the staff and how I can connect more with each one. It really is powerful stuff. Truly. I find myself using some of these strategies even in person

Thank you

Thank you Sam, we really appreciate you facilitating our group.

Deeper Connections

These strategies have helped to make deeper connections with staff members. One thing I want to look at moving forward is building time for these activities into the agendas of meetings during the week so they can be continually be revisited and become part of the...

A new way to run a meeting

It is easy to build agendas for meetings that lack the connection. I find that I am constantly now beginning with an activity such as these we are using. I appreciate that as an admin team we are taking time to connect in this way as well.