This is good stuff and it is definitely powerful in the way that changes students’ lives.

Kirk Mallette
Professor, School or Education
York College 

It was awesome to share the info with our folks in Nebraska schools and colleges!  You have every right for your heart to grow big.  This is good stuff and it is definitely powerful in the way that changes students’ lives.  I’m proud of you, Jill, and proud to know you!!

Whether you are a school administrator, teacher, parent, mentor or corporation, we can design a program to suit your needs. Let’s make the connection!

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I felt safe sharing

It has been great to get to know better the other people with whom I work. Timothy did a great job making it feel like a welcoming environment in which we could feel safe sharing.

Builds rapport and relationships from an empathetic perspective

The GTO approach has resulted in students understanding one another more effectively as well as teachers understanding their students and the motivations that drive their behavior to learn and behave most effectively.

Tone of meetings has changed

I've implemented the high lows to start my end of season coaches meeting, and I've found it sets the tone for how the meetings go and opens up an authentic dialogue between myself and my coaches.

Video: Small Groups in an Urban High School

Managing Emotions to decrease suspensions

Digital Footprint is so important

In order to be a highly effective teacher it is essential to conduct lessons that include students going online independently.

I look forward to my mentoring sessions!

During the time that I have been working with Generation Text Online Mentor Program I have made wonderful friends, learned a lot about myself, and gained a sense of pride and responsibility in my dealings with my peers.