Anti-bias/anti-racist training for school staff

Are you a school leader who is interested in offering your staff with a 60-minute professional webinar to support them with anti-bias/anti-racist training?

Join us as our team shares the process in which to provide your school district the tools to build racial literacy and provide a framework for sustainability and support to:

· Explore and recognize unconscious bias

· Take part in Self-reflection

· Provide practices moving forward in how we approach our work in classrooms and offices

Leading and Building Connections with a Racial Equity Lens

Join us for a professional learning webinar to deepen understanding of how to utilize digital platform features to create community, encourage connectedness, elevate empathy and build a foundation for a learning environment where we can help each other identify unconscious assumptions and support each other to be engaged, motivated and inspired. Participants will be provided with specific strategies and practices from the MindCloud framework.

In sixth grade, Sierra received a text message identifying her as the slashed figure in the drawing above.

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