Tuesday, March 31 – Changing Our Mood

Happy Tuesday!

I know this weather is doing a number on all of us. My colleagues are feeling it. My own children are getting restless.

We need to connect with each other. Human beings were designed to do life together – not to be alone and isolated. If you haven’t been facetime or using zoom to connect, I highly recommend you trying it. If you think about someone and how they might be holding up – call them.

It is not surprising that we have students who are not handing in work. Teachers are what makes learning happen and without YOU, the teacher, many of your students will not be able to “connect” with the material.

Attached is Tune In Tuesdays SEL exercise. I encourage you to do these exercises yourself, with your family and with your students. I had 2 requests from counselors this week – 1. Keep the word searches coming! 2. Did we have something for kindergarten, first graders or preschoolers. (Do you think 2nd would respond to this?)

Below is a link of a book being read, with the reader pausing to ask questions that are aligned with the 8 Essential Questions about how to think our way out of problems. Attached is a book reading of “Can I play too?” by Mo Willems. This was created for an elementary district in Atlanta, Georgia. The teachers have said that the small children are interacting with the reader and that they play this video 2 times a week – the kids like the familiarity and learn from repetition.

Please keep the requests coming! We are here to support you and your school community!

Jill 🙂

In sixth grade, Sierra received a text message identifying her as the slashed figure in the drawing above.

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