We can support parents by giving them the tools!


Here is something we can all agree on! The most important factor in a child’s success is positive involvement of parents.  We can support parents by giving them the tools!

Raising resilient kids in a pluralistic society is not an easy task, but Generation Text Online is here to support parents and community members. Our dynamic style and research based concepts provide parents with easy to implement strategies to support their children academically, socially and emotionally.  https://generationtextonline.com/parents-community-and-mentor-organizations/

We offer two online courses to help parents that can be referenced anytime by parents. Each course consists of multiple lessons and interactive assignments to help you engage with your children in a fun, non-threatening way.

Parents: Home and School Partnership – Get an overview of how kids today are different and how parents can support their specific learning styles. After viewing the first two modules without the kids, we’ll guide you through having a conversation with your child using the same five modules we go over in our workshops.

To access this course go to this link: http://generationtextonline.odigia.com/courses/enroll/47.html

Parents: Internet Safety for 21st Century Children and Teens – Life today is lived online. Learn how to educate your children about possible dangers and pitfalls of being online, including texting, sexting, interacting with people online and the digital footprint we all leave behind with every post or text.

To access this course go to this link: http://generationtextonline.odigia.com/courses/enroll/40.html

In sixth grade, Sierra received a text message identifying her as the slashed figure in the drawing above.

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