Generation Text Online empowers students to understand how their online posts and pictures can affect their reputation and opportunities such as acceptance into their dream college, eligibility for grants and scholarships or hinder them from landing the job of their dreams.

The topics that are covered are age appropriate.

4th and 5th Grade

  • Exclusion at Lunch
  • Exclusion at Recess
  • Who is Invited?
  • Telling Secrets
  • Talking Behind Someone’s Back
  • Just Kidding
  • Name Calling: He Stinks
  • Name Calling: You are Stupid
  •  Laughing at Somebody (clothes)
  • Fwd/Forward Message


Middle School

  • Name Calling by Text Message
  • Posting Negative Status Message
  • FWD (Forward) Message
  • Exclusion Message
  • Talking Behind Someone’s Back
  • Negative, Mean Words about the Teacher
  • Exclusion by Pictures
  • Posting Pictures Online
  • Mean Comments on Pictures Online
  • “Just Kidding” / “It Was Just a Joke”


9th and 10th Grade

  • Name Calling Online
  • Fake Profiles and Fake Facebook Groups
  • Posts that can be Interpreted as Racial
  • Consequences of Sexting
  • Talking Behind Someone’s Back on Facebook
  • Threats On Line
  • Just a Joke
  • Posting Pictures Online…What is Appropriate and what is not
  • Commenting on Pictures
  • Digital Footprint and How it Affects Getting into College


11th and 12th Grade

  • Arguments on Facebook
  • Just Joking Around
  •  Posts that can be Interpreted as Racial
  • When it is Anonymous
  • When is it private and when is it sexting?
  • What colleges look for on your digital footprint
  • Fake Profiles and Fake Groups
  • Posting Pictures Online…What is Appropriate and What is not
  • Commenting on Pictures
  • The difference between competition or team building vs. harassment and intimidation