Have you considered the kind of impact a mentor program would have in your school?

Have you considered the kind of impact a mentor program would have in your school? We can show you an economical way to support the emotional, social and academic well-being of your students!One of the most powerful pillars supporting the Generation Text Online framework is mentorship. The Gen Text Online program empowers school districts by providing strategies and techniques of exactly how to develop meaningful, productive and trusting mentorships within an educational community.Providing students with mentors as a method of ensuring successful student achievement is not a new idea! Adolescents have always needed guidance and support from caring and committed adults.While parents have a great influence on their child’s academic and personal success, “adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood that leads to rapidly changing behaviors, identity disturbances and strong emotions. This is a time when children begin to explore their personal identities. Adolescence is a developmental period, where teenagers engage in a process of searching for where they fit in with peers and society at large. Testing teachers’ and parents’ boundaries during adolescence is common.” http://oureverydaylife.com/5-characteristics-adolescent-social-emotional-development-4827.htmlDuring this vulnerable period in a child’s life it is beneficial to provide kids with a trusted and caring mentor who can offer academic, social and emotional support.Times have changed! It wasn’t too long ago that large extended families lived in the same neighborhoods. The community’s social events revolved around the extended family’s happenings and Sundays at church. In these circles teens had access to caring adults that were committed to the success of teens and offered support and guidance.In the 21st century, we see less and less of extended families living in such close proximity and less involvement in organized religion. In many families both the mother and the father work full time so kids attend school all day, followed by an after school program until early evening. Half of all families are being raised by single mothers who typically work full time or even 2 jobs to financially support their children. In today’s society teens, as well as adults, spend less face to face time with each other. Society is obsessed with social media, the Internet and technology. Sunday dinners with grandparents, tons of aunts and uncles and countless cousins running around are a thing of the past. Today you see families eating their weekend meals at restaurants and everyone at the table is on their phone or tablet. These may be just some of the reasons for the absence of adult supports for adolescents that were in place in the past decades.Times have changed and this presents an incredible opportunity to talk about how your school district can set up intentional supports in order for your students to receive what they need to be academically, socially and emotionally successful in school. Providing mentorships to teens sets your students up for success not just for college but in their personal and work life as well.Generation Text Online can provide your school community with a framework that helps you establish a mentorship program. Mentors can be teachers, administrators, community members, business and industry professionals and sometimes older students. Mentorships can be one on one or in a small group format.Generation Text Online will train and support your mentors in techniques for getting to know their mentee and exactly how to build a relationship that is positive and supportive. The Generation Text framework provides interactive routines and activities for mentors to do with their mentees. These routines allow for the mentor to role model soft skills in a fun way and provide a platform that allows an opportunity for adults to listen, understand and connect on a personal level with their mentee. The mentorship framework provides each school community with an interactive and engaging training along with an online resource complete with videos demonstrating each activity and routine. Please contact us for more information on how we can guide your mentors and mentees to build lifelong relationships!
In sixth grade, Sierra received a text message identifying her as the slashed figure in the drawing above.

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