How are you supporting your first and second year teachers?

Many first and second year teachers have shared with me that their education degree and student teaching did not adequately prepare them for their teaching jobs.

Inexperienced teachers are easily overwhelmed in a classroom where all students are not perfectly behaved, quiet and paying attention. Eager, excited and armed with a degree and student teaching experience, these new teachers are assigned their own classrooms.

And then reality hits…suddenly they realize students don’t always respond in a manner their teacher expects them to. A 21st Century learning environment consists of students who lose focus quickly and require guidance and support in navigating their social and emotional lives. Students can be uninterested in what the teacher is teaching and some students can act or react in ways that are disruptive to the learning environment. Student behavior often hinders well throughout learning objectives and lesson plans.

Teaching involves people and people are complicated. Students don’t act the same, they don’t react the same and they don’t learn the same.

Generation Text Online (GTO) provides school districts with professional development and ongoing support for school staff in the areas of classroom culture and student achievement. GTO provides a framework to guide staff in how to establish a culture of achievement.

Our trainers support each teacher in strategies and techniques on how to connect, support and inspire their students. The GTO framework helps classroom teachers uncover the types of things that are blocking student achievement in their classroom and guides them in techniques to develop a classroom of students with strong social and emotional intelligence.

Our teacher supports provide online videos and personal coaching to provide classroom teachers encouragement, as well as a reflection process that allows them to identify pitfalls in their learning environment. This reflection process guides staff to use new found knowledge to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms.

Our trainers provide classroom teachers with support and encouragement as they get to know their students and strive to develop an inspiring learning environment. Generation Text Online supports school administrators by providing professional development to not only their new teachers but to their seasoned teachers as well. Our framework provides: – Engaging and interactive professional development – Online teacher supports with videos – Routine PLCs – Lunch and learns – Classroom coaching – Generation Text Online will support your teachers with strategies and techniques to provide a classroom culture of achievement not only in a “perfect world” but in the “real world” as well.

In sixth grade, Sierra received a text message identifying her as the slashed figure in the drawing above.

Jill Brown
Founder and President
Generation Text Online
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