Online Professional Learning for Credits

Generation Text Online is pleased to partner with CE Credits Online to create graduate-level, accredited courses for teachers!

CE Credits Online has been a nationwide provider of online professional development since 2002.  Their reputation for high-quality professional development and client and customer support is well known.  All CECO courses are university accredited by seven regionally-accredited universities so teachers and administrators may receive graduate-level credits for any of the CE Credits Online courses for recertification, salary increments or district in-service points.  Many districts nationwide, as well as the six states who still give statewide approval for in-service credits, have approved CE Credits Online for in-service points.  For example in Illinois, CE Credits Online is approved for CPDUs/Clock Hours, in Los Angeles in the LAUSD, all CECO courses are available for salary increments.  The courses are vetted for rigor, relevance and alignment to current standards.  The company is vetted for its commitment to providing all the services and tools required to make the learning experience meaningful and convenient, including forwarding documentation to universities and districts enabling participants to receive their required and desired credits or points.  CE Credits Online delivers what it promises to districts and to teachers.

All CE Credits Online courses have multiple modes teaching, including text, videos, quizzes, reflective journals, written assignments throughout each course that are facilitated and graded by the CE Credits Online moderators.  The one-on-one feedback that occurs in every course is part of the CE Credits Online adult learning model that believes feedback and ongoing assessment throughout the learning process is important for obtaining optimal outcomes and ensuring the information and skills are acquired.  CE Credits Online also provides feedback to participating districts and clients regarding outcomes—assessments and evaluations of the learning.

Great information, delivered in a way that is compelling, using a system that is on-demand and user-friendly, complete with embedded assignments and assessments optimizes implementation.  Without implementation and continued use of the information and skills, the learning has little value. All CE Credits Online courses offer perpetual access, enabling participants to continually review the material and access the many links provided for more material, even after completing the course.

Generation Text Online is pleased to partner with CE Credits Online to create courses that will make a difference.  School staff—teachers and administrators—as well as parents, will better understand digital citizenship and how to discuss with students the many ways new technologies can be an asset or a liability.  What does good citizenship look like, and why is it important to each individual and to society?  Generation Text Online helps define the issues, start the conversations and provide a map for moving students toward the critical thinking needed to make better decisions.


After taking this course, I find myself truly engaged in the two lessons describing the eight essential questions and “Mean V. Nice.” I have already taken the necessary steps to start a unit in teaching both lessons and making them a bi-monthly routine for the coming year. I especially like the idea of not just threatening students with “dos & don’ts” but giving them the tools they need to self access and therefore equipping them to deal with situations that may come up. I have always felt the term “bullying” has often been misused and abused. The idea of teaching students to realize that there is a step that comes before bullying in the “Mean V. Nice” lessons will really help defuse future problems. My objective will be to teach the important of prevention above all else with these lessons in mind for when intervention is needed. I hope to create a professional unit for our schools professional learning time where I will hopefully be able to turn key a lot of the information and strategies I have come away from this course.